Project Information Management Made Simple

Your files and email are scattered all over your computer. It takes ages to find what you need. You’re convinced you’ve got the information saved somewhere, but can’t remember whether it’s in a file, an email, an attachment, or somewhere else.

It’s time to get organized. Infovark can help.

Infovark 2 Project Dashboard

The Infovark Project Dashbord brings relevant email, files, calendar events and notes together in one screen

Based on sound information management principles, Infovark collects and maintains your project information. Just tell it what folders you put stuff in, and it will do the rest — keeping your materials up to date, summarizing them, tagging them, and cross-referencing them. You can build a personal knowledge database for your projects in seconds.

And then you can go further, taking notes and linking information together. You can finally work the way you want to work, rather than flipping back and forth between half a dozen software applications.

This is the way personal information management ought to be done.

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